jellypigs asked:
gemma!! Would you mind if I used your piccy on a business card? I don't wanna be too vain and use a picture of myself but I love what you've done so much! Unless you wanna do a new one with like make up and clothes incorporated into it somehow and I shall pay you for your loveliness <3

Sorry my love I have only just seen this but by all means use the image and if you want to discuss me drawing any more just inbox me on FB with some ideas and I’ll give it my best shot.

If anyone is interested in me doodling/painting them then I would love for you to email me a webcam picture of yourself to or via a facebook message.
melodygrossman asked:
me too please :)

Send me a picture and I would love to!

tellsathousand asked:
Gemma needs to draw me next please and thank you! They are amazing! (sleazing)

It would be my pleasure lovely! Just send me a webcam picture and I’ll get on it! I need all the volunteers I can get! 

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